Our People

 As employees and retirees from CPS Energy, we take pride in our organization. As such, we continually strive to fully integrate CPS Energy’s People First philosophy into the fabric of the HOPE organization. Our organization is for the people, and we acknowledge and respect that our success is based on contributions made for, and by, all HOPE members.  

Executive Mentor

Maria Garcia
Vice-President of Community Engagement

Letter from our Executive Mentor


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am honored to continue serving as the Hispanic Organization for Public Employees (HOPE) Executive Sponsor as we begin another year of excellent work in our community. The shared vision reflected in this HOPE 2018-2019 Strategic Plan will guide the all-volunteer employee HOPE team to carry out the mission of giving back to our community and investing in our future leaders. 


This strategic plan provides a broad roadmap for HOPE. It is intended to be a living and dynamic plan that is flexible to accommodate further input, and it ensures an integrated effort in execution. Beginning with the areas of focus, the plan provides a framework of what needs to be done to fulfill our mission. The plan also contains specific objectives and strategies aimed at continuing to award higher education scholarships; pursuing community outreach partnerships; and, providing leadership and professional growth opportunities for our valuable members.


I am confident that our volunteers, committees, and Board members will achieve their full potential when they use this plan to guide their work. 


A special heart-felt THANK YOU to the Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen of HOPE. I thank you so much for your leadership, dedication, engagement and teamwork in creating even greater opportunities for our HOPE organization. You truly embody our CPS Energy philosophy of PEOPLE FIRST! 


I will close by saying that I am dedicated to serving HOPE, and I look forward to working with each and every one of our HOPE family members in furthering our mission this coming year. 



María García

Vice-President of Community & Key Accounts Engagement

CPS Energy

Executive Board


Roland Hinojosa - President

Program/Project Manager

Pearl Martinez - Vice President

Employee Development Analyst

Oralia (Lalie) Gomez - Treasurer

Data Control Clerk

Carla De La Chapa - Secretary

Interim Senior Manager CAAP Program

Frank Garza - Parlimentarian

CPS Energy Retiree

Priscilla Robledo - Historian

Community Field Service Representative




  • Facilitate the participation of its members in corporate strategies that add value to CPS Energy.
  • Encourage communication and sharing of common interest issues through the development of a network among CPS Energy employees.
  • Meet the present and future needs of CPS Energy by developing employee resources and enhancing opportunities for advancement.
  • Participate in external community activities dealing with higher education, which promote the growth of CPS Energy in the community and facilitate the development of a pool of qualified candidates for the future.


Flagship Achievement

Through 2017, HOPE has promoted academic excellence by raising and awarding over $166,000.  These scholarships have helped to make higher education a reality for 102 student scholars.