Pauline Rubio

Pauline Aurora Rubio


Pauline A. Rubio is currently the Vice President of Education & Leadership at the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In addition to facilitating the Education Committee's initiatives and educational public policy efforts for the Chamber, she is also primarily responsible for organizing the annual CORE4 STEM Program. This program hosts 5,000, 7th and 8th grade students, from local San Antonio Independent School Districts promoting interactive presentations focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematical (STEM) careers. Her responsibilities also include supporting the Hispanic Chamber's prominent local leadership programs. She shares responsibility with the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce staffing the long-standing Leadership San Antonio (LSA) program, as well as overseeing the Hispanic Chamber's historical Alexander BriseƱo Leadership Development Program and newly formed Latina Leadership Institute. Prior to joining the Hispanic Chamber, Pauline was the Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs at the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce supporting and administering Chamber advocacy efforts by researching and developing position statements expressing the concerns and stances of our business community. She coordinated efforts to communicate the Chamber's priorities to local, state, and federal elected officials and government agencies through publications, strategic meetings, public hearings and events, including the annual well-known SA to DC trip. During her time here, Pauline worked heavily on the preparation of then Chairman Henry Cisneros' "SA Connect" citywide infrastructure tool, funded and co-created by CPS Energy, and now housed under the Economic Development Foundation (EDF). Pauline studied abroad in Mexico City her senior year of high school graduating with university level courses in the Politics of Mexico and Art History. Since then, it has been no surprise that Pauline would go on to pursue her passion of public policy and earn her undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin, while working her first job at GalleryWatch (now CQ Roll Call); an online legislative tracking server during the 72nd and 73rd Texas Legislature. (She had in the past also spent time as former Representative Leticia Van de Putte's page.) Pauline graduated with her Master of Business Administration from Texas A&M University - San Antonio after encouragement from her former employer, Congressman Ciro D. Rodriguez. She continues as a strong alumnus for the university and maintains her position as the president of the Delta Mu Delta international business school honor society and regularly references her academic publishing on the importance of the arts in education.

Arts and cultural preservation have always been driving interests for Pauline. Growing up, Pauline danced ballet folklorico, flamenco. She maintained an active presence as an officer within the San Antonio Conservation Society, educating other youngsters on the importance of historical conservation. To this day, she still keeps her membership with the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Alamo Couriers Chapter. Pauline and is currently a board member of the non-profit, The ArtsFund, which maintains an influential program within our PreK-for-SA schools incorporating the performing arts into early childhood education; a proven technic for solidifying overall better educational performance, innovative and creative thinking.

Pauline is an example of a Hispanic woman wanting to lead her life to mentor local successes for other young females from her hometown. After having the opportunity to study in Mexico City, Mexico, and her senior year of undergraduate school in Granada, Spain, she has seen the importance of strong educational opportunities for Hispanic women.

Pauline has always maintained the vision that young Latina leaders are capable of reaching their career goals through dedication and hard work. Her greatest joy in working at the Hispanic Chamber is coordinating the CORE4 STEM Program for our city's youth, as well as staffing the Latina Leadership Institute (LLI). Within its second year of development, LLI is geared toward encouraging Hispanic women to run for public office at local, state and nation levels, as well as promote those to strive for positions on corporate boards and public commissions. She has always considered her presence working behind the scenes on campaigns and within chambers of commerce, as a leadership quality empowering others to have an impact in our community.

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