John R. Aleman

John R. Aleman


John R. “Rick” Aleman President & CEO Selrico Services, Inc.

He’s fed everyone from presidents to prisoners in innumerable locations across countless continents during the course of his very successful professional life. As President and CEO of Selrico Services, Inc. John R. “Rick” Aleman puts his St. Mary’s University (BBA, 1973) business education to work every day. Founded in 1989 and named after his two children-daughter Selena (Sel) and son Richie (Rico), Selrico Services provides food, construction, facilities maintenance, operations and maintenance and other infrastructure support to the US military, educational and institutional customers in over 20 U.S. and international locations.

Rick has an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to succeed that is tempered only by his commitment to his church, his family, his company and his employees. Rick’s philosophy is that his employees drive his success. His commitment to create jobs in the inner city and in empowerment zones and his willingness to be a “second chance” employer are hallmarks of that philosophy.

Rick’s passion for service has taken Selrico Services to such places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Germany and Jordan where Selrico provided life support services for the U.S. Military and its allies. As acknowledgement of that commitment, Selrico Services has received numerous awards including the Hennessey Award (twice) given by the U.S. Air Force and the Edward Ney Award (six times) given by the U.S. Navy for excellence in food service. Awards for business growth have come from Inc. Magazine which named Selrico Services to their Inner City 100 Hall of Fame in 2006. Rick has received awards personally for his leadership and vision, including CYO Man of the Year in 1998 and awards from the SBA, St. Mary’s University and Ernst & Young.

In addition to growing Selrico Services into a major U.S. Government contractor, Rick has also successfully established businesses in other industries such as cutting edge fiber optics contracting. Under Rick’s leadership and guidance, Selrico Communications, LLC in Houston, Texas grew from a small start-up subcontractor to the acknowledged leader in the field of fiber optics testing, repair and construction. Because Rick lives his philosophies, he divested his interest in this very successful business to his employees. Selrico Communications, now Cypress Edge Group, continues to thrive because of the solid business foundation that he established.

It is not difficult to understand why Rick is able to attract good people. His charismatic leadership and ability to establish and sustain viable businesses make him an attractive employer. More than that, Rick is an involved and caring citizen. He is a committed Catholic. He is always ready to assist a parish or individual in need, and gives of his time and his money generously in support of the Church and its missions. He supports numerous Catholic charities, public television, and other non-profit groups with time and resources. His philanthropic interests include Holy Cross High School, St. Philip of Jesus, St. John the Evangelist, Central Catholic High School, KLRN, the Lymphoma Society, the Susan B. Komen Cancer Project, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, Alzafar Shriners Burn Center, YMCA, Museo Alameda and St. Mary’s University.

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